Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Quilting Dear Jane Column 5

 Another row in the books tonight for a total of 4!  I also got all the scallops marked, so I'll probably stitch around the edge of those tomorrow.  I'm still deciding how I want to quilt them. Maybe straight lines out from the quilt to the edge?  I'm sure something will strike me, I may visit Pinterest again tonight to get some more ideas.

Lots of stitch in the ditch, and curvy outlining for this row again.  
It's nice that the blocks are so different because it makes the quilting really enjoyable!

I'm also happy that the quilting is going much faster than I anticipated!  Who knows, I could be stitching on the binding on Christmas if I keep it up.  I'm looking forward to putting this on my bed for New Year's eve to start off 2021 with a big win!

Speaking of New Year's, Carla is having a fun one day blog hop on Dec. 30.  What's your stitching resolution for 2021?  I'm busy thinking of mine!


Anonymous said...

Kathy R.,
Your quilting looks great! This is going to be a quilt I'm sure you will cherish.

Kathleen said...

I go away for a day or two from blogs and you are really moving along! Congrats.

Emily said...

Oh, I love the idea of starting New Years with this beauty on your bed! It's been fun to see your progress so far.