Friday, December 18, 2020

Starting the Christmas Pajama Party and Column 4 quilting for Dear Jane

I probably should have started out with my Dear Jane quilting, it probably would have made my day much better.  Instead I started out on sewing the Christmas PJ pants, and wouldn't you know it, I had the epic struggle.  Pair one - I sewed one leg using the front pieces and one leg using the back pieces.  Darn.

Pair two - I accidentally cut out the front upside down.  Luckily I had enough fabric to cut another front the right way.  I proceeded to sew the pants with both sets of front pieces.  

By the time I got to the third pair I had my wits about me and managed not to make any more mistakes, but I ran out of elastic.  Took a break for lunch and decided to quilt instead for a while!

Quilting went way better than PJ pants!  I finished column 4, which will put me past the half way mark with the next column!  

Sorry for the bad pictures, another rainy day here, and it's very dark outside.  

Tomorrow's plan, more PJ pants, quilting, and cookie baking!  I'm ready for those holiday treats!

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Kelly Dee said...

LOL, the struggle is real! I've done the same thing so many times sewing pants that my trick is to put painters tape on the wrong side or either the two fronts or the two backs to make sure I don't sew the wrong pieces together.