Friday, November 06, 2020

Sewing Strips

 I had my day planned out in theory, but I got the chance to babysit for a bit this morning, so of course I decided to change up my plan!  Juliette will be four weeks old today, and she's growing like crazy - almost 7 lbs now!  She's a good baby, mommy says.  She certainly likes to snuggle, so I enjoyed a little baby time while her mommy went to her Dr. visit!

After that I went for my walk, the weather was gloomy, but no rain.  When I looked at my strips, it made me feel like the choice of gray for a neutral was quite appropriate!  These are for the pieced border of my Autumn Winds quilt.  You might not see too many more sneak peeks because I want you to be surprised when you see the finished project!  I got eighteen strip sets sewn, which will give me a total of 36 blocks.  I even got them all pressed and ready for sub-cutting!  Then I finished cutting the border for my secret many secrets in my sewing room right now...

When I headed for my comfy spot in the living room, guess who I found in my spot?  This is Scamper cat - tryig to steal a nap!  He is so funny, he has a dozen different places that we've put cozy quilts, pads, fluffy pillows, but his favorite place is where I sit.  Isn't that a typical cat!  Needless to say, he likes when I spend time in my sewing room!

Today I hope to spend a good amount of time there - Dear Jane needs some more blocks sewn, so lets see if I can do two - one pieced and one applique.  And maybe I'll base the star quilt, too!  It's supposed to be rainy, so a good day to enjoy some stitching time/

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Susan said...

I like your kitty.