Saturday, November 07, 2020

Change of plans

 We were planning on a visit from family yesterday, but that got cancelled so I spent some extra time in my sewing room.  I got to work on more Dear Jane sewing.  These two blocks were a combination of piecing and applique so I am glad to have them done.  Not too much more applique to go!  

The triangle at the top was appliqued on as well as the three melon shapes.  It's tricky to line up those melons so they are as straight as I like, so I put dots in pencil just below where the points come, and that helps me as I sew.  I'm so glad I have these short applique pins, they help keep the thread from tangling around them.
Here they are all finished up!

I also worked on my secret sewing project and am moving along with the border.  I will say that I am loving using the Studio 180 Large Square Squared ruler set for this!  You won't see this project for a long time, but I am super excited about it!

By this time it was late afternoon, but I still had some time to accomplish something, so I pulled up a movie and got set up for quilt basting.  I use my dining room table for all my basting, I use safety pins, and usually pin about 6 inches apart.  I love these giant plastic clothespins from the dollar tree for my basting!  I line up the top and one side of the back with the edge of my table, then use these to clamp the fabric to my table.  I then place the batting on the backing, and move the clips so they hold both layers.  Then I place the pieced top over these, placing it about an inch from the edges of the table and start pinning until the entire area on top of the table is pinned. 

 I remove all the clamps, and if my top is wider than my table I pull the entire sandwich over until the unpinned area is on top of the table.  I keep the batting and backing edges lined up on the top edge of the table and place the clothespins on this edge.  I fold the pieced top and batting back over the pinned section, then make sure the backing on the table is flat and has no ripplies, clamp it down, then gently fold the batting back into place, and make sure it is smooth and clamped.  Then I fold the front of the quilt into place and proceed to pin this section.  Then it's time to move down the quilt in the same manner.  I always pull the batting back to make sure the backing is smooth before placing the batting and top.  This method has been great and I rearely have any issues on the back!.  Luckily my table is old, so I don't worry about scratching it with pins, though.  If you have a nice table you don't want to mark up, you should use something to protect it from the pins.

Anyway, during my movie I managed to pin my Starburst quilt, a panel quilt, and a table runner.  By then it was time to fix dinner, so I was done for the day.  

Today we are watching the Breeder's Cup races and waiting for our girls from Washington to arrive.  We'll be moving our youngest daughter in with us for a bit.  Changes in our household and I'm shuffling things around, but I'm looking forward to getting to bounce design ideas around with her!  I'm spending the time between races doing a bit of cleaning up and organizing my sewing room and sewing some more border blocks!  And adding a sleeve to my Peacock Galore quilt so I can hang it in my living room :)

Hope your Saturday is peaceful and enjoyable, too! 

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