Thursday, November 05, 2020

Autumn Winds, and more sewing!

 I had a busy day at the quilt shop yesterday - just doing a lot of odds and ends, cleaning up and rearranging for the changing season.  This is the time of year when it gets quieter in the shop, so I probably won't be working as much until after the first of the year.  Which means I'll have to go be a customer from time to time!

We have one last kit for this quilt, and it's been tempting me!  I would make it for DH, but I'm not really sure how he would feel about a flannel quilt.  I like that you can embroider the center panel!

And this kit has been tempting me as well!  But I want to work on my Paris One Block Wonder before I commit to another one.  I must say, it always makes me very happy when someone buys "the last kit" before I have to!
I think that the better choice would be to bring home a couple of yards of this beauty!  It's an Island Batik that somehow got on the shelf without me seeing it!  From Tamarini's Speakeasy line.  It just has a gorgeous fall vibe to it, and I think I need some to play with.  I'm going to see if I can come up with a plan for a fast and easy fall runner or something to use this in.

Before I left work I had to walk down the street to drop a small parcel in the UPS drop box.  The fall air was magnificent!  It was just warm enough to not need a jacket, and the breeze smelled delightful!  This is definitely my favorite time of year.  We have rain coming today, so probably won't get to enjoy too many more of these breezy fall days with blue skies.

When I got home I had lunch, then headed straight for the sewing room!  I added the borders to my Starburst quilt, then pieced the backing for it.  Once that was done, I couldn't help myself and worked on my November Island Batik challenge!

Here's a little tip for when you are working with large pieces and you are using fusible web.  I cut out the center of the fusible before ironing, leaving about a 1/4 inch margin on the inside of my piece.  This keeps you from having huge areas of fusible web, and in this case will reduce all the layering of fusible.  I'm going to give those nonsitck needles a real test with this project!

This is a little hint at what I'm working on! Autumn Winds is my inspiritaion, but it's going to be a lot bigger and have much more detail in it!   I also cut a ton of strips for piecing blocks with, which is the next step.  I am super excited to see how it's going to look when I'm finished!

Island Batik has started accepting applications for the 2021 Island Batik Brand Ambassador Program! Here is the link if you think you might be interested - I can tell you it's a great group of quilters, and great fun - they provide wonderful fabric and inspiration. The application form will give you more information on the program, so just click to read it.

They will be accepting the applications until November 9th. Selected Ambassadors will be notified in early December.

Good luck!  I'm hoping to be chosen for another year, and I hope you will consider joining us as well! Now go have fun and create something!

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