Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Just a bit off center...

 Well, I'm not too sure I am impressed with my efforts yesterday on my Dear Jane triangles.  I did quite a bit of seam ripping, then I trimmed the seam allowance off of one of the sections.  Sigh.

Then there was that center section with the y seam.  It looked all right until I sewed the whole thing together, then for some reason the whole thing looks cattywampus.  I'm hoping it will look just fine when it's sewn with the plain triangles.  For right now, I am just setting it aside and moving on to the next block.  It just goes to show that sometimes things just don't come together like you hope they will.

Today I only finished one block as well, but it came out great.  Maybe I'll make better progress tomorrow!

1 comment:

Quilting Gail said...

How frustrating! It's probably a good plan to put it aside for now.
Will a super good pressing help?

You've been doing so well with all of your Dear Jane blocks! Keep it up!

Happy Quilting! :-)