Monday, December 09, 2019

Day 9 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

For today, I have a finish to show you!  I've been hard at work to finish this lovely custom order, and I am sooo happy with the results!  This is my Fancy Feathers quilt, supersized up to fit a king size bed.

I think it's pretty spectacular at this size!  These are all the same Island Batik fabrics that I used in my original quilt - thank goodness we had them all at the shop!  

I love the hook swirl quilting on this, and it came out perfectly.  Not one pucker on the back side!

It's big enough for a lovely pillow tuck, too!  It's like a bedspread on my queen size bed, but I think it will be perfect on the king.  It's going to make someone a lovely Christmas present.  Well worth all the work I put into it!  Next on my list are few smaller projects, then getting to work on the Island Batik Ambassador 3D challenge.  Plus the queen size quilt I promise a friend to quilt by Christmas!  

Today's prompt for the 31 day blogging challenge was favorite tip.  Right now that would be that accurate cutting and accurate sewing will give you accurate results.  Take your time, and get the small details right, and the rest will fall into place!


Shirley said...

Your king-size creation is Glorious! Did you quilt it on your domestic Janome? That is ALOT of quilt to push through a domestic machine, I am SO impressed with your skills and perseverance!

Sherry said...

Wow! That is a beautiful quilt, I have not made a quilt near that size and it is so well done. You are so right about accurate cutting and stitching being so important to the finished project.