Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Day 10 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Wow, has it been 10 days already?  And Christmas is really only 15 days away? Time does fly, doesn't it!  Work was fun today - we got in our first order of Island Batik Stash Builder rolls and I am beyond excited to have them available!  I really wanted to take a few home, but I know that I am too busy to start anything new until after Christmas at least...
The rest of the afternoon was spent making a few Santa Ornaments for an Etsy order.  They are really very fun to make!

Top Five books is the prompt for today, and that's a very difficult one for me since I have a very difficult time choosing favorites!  So here goes:

Quilts!Quilts!!Quilts!!! definitely has a place on my list.  501 Quilt Blocks by Better Homes and Gardens is also a long time favorite with lots of great block ideas.  That Perfect Stitch by Roxanne McElroy was super inspirational for me when I was hand quilting, and Show me How to Machine Quilt by Cathy Sandbach helped me make the leap to free motion quilting.  Art Quilt Workbook is one that I have owned and would love to actually work through someday, it's one of my favorites just to read and look through and think about!  Since that makes 5, my work is done :)

Hope you are keeping up with your holiday sewing and planning.  I'm feeling a little behind, but I just reminded myself that I don't have as busy a schedule this week, so I should be fine!  Tomorrow is a stay at home and sew day, so I should be able to cross some things off my list, I hope. 

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Ashlawnfarms said...

Those Santa Ornaments are super cute!