Monday, December 09, 2019

Day 8 - Skills I wish I had

This is an interesting topic to think about...I think most of the skills I wish I had are in areas other than sewing and quilting.  I wish I could paint pretty pictures with watercolors and I wish I had more athletic skills.  The thing is that I know I could probably develop these skills if I wanted to work at it more, but I'm more interested in doing what I already am doing...quilting!

I would never have thought I would have the skill to do this type of quilting when I first started free motion quilting.  But after lots of practice it comes pretty naturally!  That's the great thing about working at learning something new.  It takes some dedication, but eventually you will most likely be able to become somewhat skilled at it.  But wishing won't get you to that point!  So maybe I need to work a bit at those other skills I would like to have instead of just thinking about it.

Kind of like this 31 day Blog Writing's great practice at writing! 

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Tracy said...

I've been thinking about starting watercolor painting for a year now. I went as far as buying paper, paint and brushes, but the siren call of my sewing machine is loud and I cannot resist :)