Sunday, April 29, 2018

All Seasons Basket Quilt - Vintage Quilts Inspiring New Creations

Between working on the house and travelling to take care of our grand children this weekend I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish my project for this month's Island Batik Ambassador challenge.  I ended up packing up my machine and supplies and taking the project with me, and really enjoyed being able to show the kids what I do, and talk with them about how quilts are different from blankets and how I do the machine quilting!

I was able to do some stitch in the ditch around the blocks and finish the large border before we left.  I really like the pointy loop I did here, and plan to try this again, stretching it out a bit to look more like an overlapping heart!

I wanted to try out some ruler work, but forgot my extension for my machine.  I did try a curve in the open space of the basket, but ended up free-motioning the curves in the background.

I added some loops above the curve and wishbones in the lover part, which filled up that area nicely!

I did some overlapping spirals in the setting triangles.  I used a green variegated Aurifil thread on the whole quilt, and was really pleased with how well it worked.  (4653 50 wt)

At this point I decided to add the binding and call it done :)  I caught a break between showers and took the quilt outside for some photos.  Next time we visit I'm taking a stack of them, what a nice yard for pictures!
So pretty!
I've been loving using bits and pieces to make up a backing, too.  It's fun to see sizable chunks of some lovely fabrics.

The pattern I used for this quilt is my All Seasons Basket.  The fabrics were all provided by Island Batik, and I used a variety of lines. 

Thanks again to Island Batik for another fun challenge - I love how using their lovely batik fabric can make a traditional pattern look entirely modern!

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I hope you enjoyed following along with this month's challenge!


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Lovely! That yellow basket in the middle really draws your eye in.

Mary said...

This is a really nice looking little quilt.