Thursday, May 03, 2018

Is it even possible to ever catch up?

I am afraid I will never know the answer to that question, but sometimes I think it would be really nice to find out! The last few months have been super busy, and May is shaping up to be just the same.

We are still working on painting the house, at least the peely portions right now!  We have to dodge the rainy days, so far it's been working out pretty well for us.

 I am way behind on my pattern writing, but I did manage to get Twinkle Star finished this week!  This is the pattern I taught my beginning quilt class with and it was a lot of fun - it's also a good review for more advanced quilters, just a fun little quilt to make, finishing at 45 inches square.

I love the gray-scale version for some reason!  Maybe I'll have to make one in just grays someday...
Here is my class sample and cover quilt (before quilting, so I guess it's the cover top at this point!

And here it is quilted.  I really liked my quilting on this one.  I tend to go fast and furious to finish up and often quilt an overall pattern on my quilts, but this one got special treatment!

And a beauty shot of the class version - I did finish this one with an overall pattern - lovely as well!

The Twinkle Star pattern is available in my Etsy Shop.  Now it's back to the sewing room, I have prom dresses waiting for me!

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