Thursday, April 26, 2018

Christmas all Year Block 4 - Hourglass on Point

I'm running a little behind with my block this month because we have been working on some house repairs and maintenance, what fun...
Yikes - here's a tip for you - buy a one story house if you want to do your own painting!  It's looking much better so far, but so much work! 

Now we are taking a break from our house work and are taking care of our grand children for a few days...much more fun but also tiring.

I did manage to get my block four done for you - it's a fast one, thank goodness.  The challenge is in the measurements, but I am confident that you can do it!  The measurements for this block use the 1/8 increment on your rotary rulers.  Just remember to measure twice, and cut once!

Hourglass on Point
Just sew two four patches and two half square triangles.  Sew these together into a four patch unit for the center of the block. 

Then you just sew the four large triangles to the sides.  Finger press the long side in half to find the center and pin this to the seam in the block.  I sew the two opposite sides first, then add the second two pieces.

Here is my finished block:

Here is a tip for using a directional fabric.  If you place your two squares right sides together and cut them on the diagonal at the same time, you will have four triangles with each one facing the right way for a corner of your block!  Those directional fabrics can be quite tricky!

Have fun making your block!


Marilyn Robichaud said...

I love Block 4. They are all so beautiful. What a wonderful quilt!!

Anonymous said...

I am mind-boggled by your blog and all the great patterns there. What a wonderful site!!

Joyce Carter said...

Thank you so much Pamela. I really love this block.

Jennifer said...

Love this one, thank you Pamela.

Marilyn Robichaud said...

Thanks so much, Pamela. I just love this tremendous site!!