Monday, July 24, 2017

Quilter's Recipe Box Alternate block for Lozenge Unit

I was looking through some quilting magazines this weekend and found some terrific scrappy quilt patterns.  One of them actually used a combination of lozenge units and four patch units so I thought it would be fun to use that combination for this weeks block:
To make this block you will need to cut four 3 1/2 squares of your featured fabric, eight 2 inch squares of your background fabric, and one 2 x 22 inch strips of two different fabrics.

Sew four lozenge units from the featured fabric and the background fabric and lay out like this:

Make five Four Patch units by sewing the two 2 x 22 inch strips together.  Press and cut this pieced strip in half.  Place right sides together with the opposite colors facing each other, then cut into five 2 inch strips.  I like to use my June Tailor strip cutter for this step, it's super fast and easy!

I experimented with laying out the Four Patch units, because I was not sure which way would look better.  First I tried with the green squares lined up with the lozenges:

Then I tried turning them so the red squares were lined up with the lozenges.  I liked it this way best.
Sew the squares together and you are finished!  That's it for July - next week I'll round up our progress so far - 28 blocks - plus will have a fun surprise for you.  Then the first Monday of August we'll learn a new unit - can't wait!  You'll also want to check out my posts later this week as I am working on my Island Batik challenge for the month - Oh Baby!  You'll notice some familiar units in this project :)

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