Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making progress on my list...

I'm glad to say that I am making good progress on my list!  So far I've actually finished 4 of the projects, and have moved a few of them along in the process.  I realize that at least 4 of them are long term projects so I probably need to either set some deadlines or figure out some way of making sure they get worked on in due time as well.  Here is what my list looks like at the moment:

I've been dating the progress I make on each project so I can see how recently I've been working on them.  I feel like the list is really helping me to focus on what needs done and I think I am getting things under control in my sewing room, which is fabulous!

I finished this cute little quilt last night - I was very happy to find some fabric that was perfect for the binding in my stash!

The little scenes in this are so cute!  I cut up the other panel and used several of the pieces in other projects.  This one, I thought would be a fun lap quilt or wall hanging.  (It is available in my Etsy shop - Domestic Diva Quilt)

I'm not a Domestic Diva, but I think this fabric is super cute!
I love the mint green and chocolate brown in it, as well as the touches of red.

For the backing I was able to use a piece of a vintage sheet from my stash.  It was the perfect color and perfect for this project.
And the cute cupcake print in the corners is pretty yummy as well!  I quilted it in a loose meander using a variegated 50 wt thread by Aurifil.  Then I found the perfect green for the binding in my stash. Yay for being able to finish this project without having to make a shopping trip!

Linking up with Jennifer for Wednesday Wait Loss!  Don't wait, join up and start working on some of those projects that you want to get finished!


Bobbi @ Snowy Days Quilting said...

I LOVE that projects page in your planner. Would you mind sharing what planner you're using?

Your quilt is adorable. Congratulations on the finish!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Love this retro fabric! So cute. The idea of using a vintage sheet on the back was a good one. It goes so well! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.