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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Cobblestones Table Runner Pattern

Several years ago I had a goal of writing a different pattern for each month of the year using charm packs (5 inch squares).  Several of them are still in draft form, but one of my favorites was the one I designed for March, which I named Cobblestones.
It's a wonderful pattern to use for romantic florals as the piecing allows the fabrics to mix without the pattern of the piecing taking over.  I decided I needed to come up with some new samples for my pattern, so dug through my stash of charm packs and pulled out a few to see how they would work for it.

The first one I made was from Sweet Blend by Moda - so pretty!  I really love the way it came out and realized I had totally forgotten how fun and fast this pattern is - the cutting and sewing is simple and satisfying.

Next I decided to try an old set of gorgeous florals by April Cornell - I've had these for years, but it was hard to use them for a project because I liked petting them so much.  I finally decided that they should be used because I actually have another set in my drawer :)

Very soft and sweet!  I just love the aqua in this line with the pink.  After this one I decided to be a little wild and try using one of the Kiss, Kiss charm packs I had on hand.  Now this line is definitely a little crazier with the color, so it's not as soft looking, but is very vibrant and lively looking!

Last, but not least, I found a charm pack of PureBred.  The colors in this are soft, and the prints are very different, but lend themselves well to this project:
So there you have it!  All four were pieced and quilted this month (July), so you can see that it's a project that you can finish quickly.  I've listed all the finished table runners in my Etsy shop - just click on the pictures to see the listings.  You can also purchase my pattern in my Etsy shop

My favorite thing about these table runners is that each one can be made from one charm pack!  At least I've made a dent in my collection, plus I enjoyed doing some simple piecing and quilting.  My goal for next month is to use another one of my patterns to make a few new samples - plus maybe get busy and finish up one or two of those patterns that are still drafts - there is a really cute butterfly that I'd really love to get done up in fabric!  

Oh - and today starts the "I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along"!  If you would like to join in making a sampler quilt of 12 different blocks, the first block is here at Quilt in Piece.  I need to go look at my fabrics and get going - they have some great prizes, and isn't it always more pleasant to sew with a group?  Come join in!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making progress on my list...

I'm glad to say that I am making good progress on my list!  So far I've actually finished 4 of the projects, and have moved a few of them along in the process.  I realize that at least 4 of them are long term projects so I probably need to either set some deadlines or figure out some way of making sure they get worked on in due time as well.  Here is what my list looks like at the moment:

I've been dating the progress I make on each project so I can see how recently I've been working on them.  I feel like the list is really helping me to focus on what needs done and I think I am getting things under control in my sewing room, which is fabulous!

I finished this cute little quilt last night - I was very happy to find some fabric that was perfect for the binding in my stash!

The little scenes in this are so cute!  I cut up the other panel and used several of the pieces in other projects.  This one, I thought would be a fun lap quilt or wall hanging.  (It is available in my Etsy shop - Domestic Diva Quilt)

I'm not a Domestic Diva, but I think this fabric is super cute!
I love the mint green and chocolate brown in it, as well as the touches of red.

For the backing I was able to use a piece of a vintage sheet from my stash.  It was the perfect color and perfect for this project.
And the cute cupcake print in the corners is pretty yummy as well!  I quilted it in a loose meander using a variegated 50 wt thread by Aurifil.  Then I found the perfect green for the binding in my stash. Yay for being able to finish this project without having to make a shopping trip!

Linking up with Jennifer for Wednesday Wait Loss!  Don't wait, join up and start working on some of those projects that you want to get finished!