Thursday, December 15, 2016

Santa's Workshop is Now Open!

Time to start my annual holiday sewing marathon!  I finished up my laundry on Monday, then washed all the flannel for the Christmas PJ's.  I am up to nine pairs now, so it was a big load!  You want to see how much fuzz in my dryer?  Here you go:
My whole filter was full up to about an inch thick!  Now the flannels are all soft and fuzzy and pre-shrunk.  I just have to go find my pattern, get the serger out and get sewing.  I'll put on some Christmas music, sip some tea and have a wonderful couple of days making Christmas happen :)  I have to be done early this year, but I am getting a good start, so should be done and wrapped in plenty of time!  I'd love to show the cute fabrics I picked, but I know the girls read my blog, so I have to keep them under wraps for now.

Speaking of under wraps, I am working on several quilts that I can't show right now and it's killing me!  I am excited about all of them and it's so hard not to post my pictures.  Plus that, all I have to show for the moment is dryer ling - so boring (and a little trashy!).

So I'll leave you with a shot from a quilt I made earlier this year.
This is a shop sample from Threads That Bind, made from my Nine by Nine pattern.  By the way - I have all my PDF quilt patterns marked down to half price on Etsy for December!  You can see them all here.  

Hope your holiday preparations are going well!  Have a wonderful day :)

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