Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back to my Crazy Jane Quilt

My friend Lee and I are challenging ourselves to finish our Dear Jane quilts this year.  In order to accomplish this we have decided to make four blocks a week.  I have a count of 99 center blocks done at this point - only 70 to go!  I also have the top row of triangles completed, so just three sides and three corners left as well - so that makes another 42, so that makes 113 done, and 112 to go.  In other words, I just passed the halfway point!  28 weeks, if I stay on this schedule, which would put me done right around August.  I started the whole journey of making this quilt in August, so I think that is a super awesome goal for this year!

Here are the four blocks I made today:

They are G-1, G-2, !-7 and I-8

I made G- 1 by appliqueing the center circles onto the side triangles.  Then I machine pieced the triangles together.  I thought about hand piecing the circles, but decided applique was easier.

G-2 was totally traditional piecing.  16 half square triangles sewn together in the proper sequence.  Not too hard to accomplish!
I-7 was also traditionally pieced, then those tiny triangles were appliqued by hand.  One looks a little odd, but I think I'm leaving it!  I think there was only room for about 4 stitches on each side of those.  Kind of a pin, but they do add a bit of interest to the block I suppose.
I-8 owes it crisp appearance to paper piecing.  And the lovely Island Batik fabric that I used in it!  I promise it will be joined by more - I've accumulated a nice amount of blues from my ambassador projects.  Batiks are so nice for paper piecing, they press so nicely.

Here is my progress!  Maybe next week I will figure out how to add the triangles and corner sections.  I'm pretty excited to see my chart start filling up!

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