Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to Prepare Knit Fabrics for use in a Quilt

I thought I would share how I prepare knit fabrics for use in a quilt.  This applies to t-shirts, or baby clothes.  First of all you want your item to be clean.  Then I cut along the seams until I have a flat panel to work with.  I give it a light pressing on the reverse side, being careful not to stretch the fabric.

 I use my ruler to check for placement - on this block you can see that I will have to use part of the curve of the neckline if I want to get all of the design in.
 I use a lightweight interfacing to fuse to the back of the shirt.  I cut my fusible about 1/2 inch larger than I want to cut my square.  I place it so that it covers the full area that I want to include in my square.
 The secret to getting a good bond with the fusible is to use a hot iron and a damp pressing cloth.  I just use muslin, dampen it in the sink and squeeze out the excess water.  I place the cloth over the fusible web (double check to make sure it is fusible side toward the t-shirt!)
 I then press, using steam as well.  I press until all the water is out of the cloth.
 I shake the t-shirt out in the air to cool it down so it doesn't warp my mat!  Then I trim my square up
 The finished cut!  You can see that little piece of neckline.  This will be in the seam allowance so wont show on the finished block.
These are pictures from earlier this fall - I am currently in the process of finishing the top and will share that when it is done!

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Rebecca said...

thank you as I have a friend that has asked me to make her a t-shirt quilt. This has been very helpful