Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The fun has begun!  I spent today working on Christmas gifts, I'm a bit behind due to my cold, but also a bit ahead of my usual schedule, so am pretty happy about that!  I had to search out my PJ pattern, plus the measurements, but it wasn't too bad of a task.  After that the process went right along while I watched Lassie (the 2006 movie).  I even cut out two pair for myself - one from the fabric I bought last year!  It's a cute brown print with teal and pink sewing machines.  I am wearing them right now...cozy!

After I got them all cut out, I made sugar cookie dough, cooked dinner and made a batch of fudge.  I'm going to try to make a treat or two a day - that should ensure an ample supply for our family get-together.  One of the cookies I plan to make is a bon bon cookie that I remember Mom making years ago!  They are filled with nuts, chocolate or maraschino cherries.  I am looking forward to making (and eating) those.

After dinner I sewed the PJ's together.  Tomorrow I'll do the waistbands and hems.  Then I have to work on the grandkid's.  I am not including pictures because I know some of the girls read my blog on occasion!

Here is a picture of a cute pin I got in the mail from Etsy this week - I collect pins, so this is a pretty neat gift for me!  Hope your weekend is going well as well - only 5 more days til Christmas!

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