Saturday, December 19, 2015

No Rain!

Wow, we actually had a day of no rain, so we took advantage and took care of some grocery shopping!  I'm about set for a weekend of cookie baking and PJ pant sewing.  I also picked up some new curtains for my living room.  I decided that just buying some ready made panels and putting them up is going to be just fine, I don't really need custom made curtains in my living room at the moment.  It's so hard to pick out fabric and I would rather have boring curtains now than wait another 6 months or more until I can decide on fabric, then have to take the time to actually make them.  After all, if I find the perfect fabric I can go ahead and make them later.  Of course, the panels are too narrow, so I bought extra and am sewing them together to make wider panels.  I am halfway done, though, so will be enjoying fresh new curtains before the weekend is over!

I made a custom journal cover as a Christmas gift today for someone in the same town my husbands parents live in - small world!

That's all for now, it's late and time to turn in!

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