Saturday, December 05, 2015

Happy Birthday Party for Jesus!

Whew - today was the Ladies Christmas Lunch - we had the theme of Happy Birthday, Jesus.  It was a lovely event.  Our attendance was down, but it was fun and we had tons of good food.  I am going to have to be very good about my eating after two potlucks in one week!

This is our Women's Ministry Team.  We have a great time putting on these events for the ladies in our church (Hauser Community Church)  The pretty lady in the white blouse in the center in my dear friend, Brenda.  She's had a rough few months and just finished her last Chemo treatment.  I hope she gets to feeling better really soon, and it lasts a good long time.  She has a small cell lymphoma and has been through a lot, but always has a smile on her face and time to chat and encourage the people around her!  All of these ladies are special to me and I enjoy serving with them!

Notice the presents on the table?  That was the cake!  It was just as delicious as it was beautiful, too!

 We decorated with lots of balloons in red, green, white, and silver.
 Cindy painted crowns from Burger King for our centerpieces!  Gorgeous!
There were fun glasses on the table that made the tree lights look like reindeer.  We had lots of door prizes and a group of children came in to sing and play their instruments for us.  I was gone till mid afternoon after cleaning up and putting things away.
When I got home I spent some time watching the birdies outside with Scamper - there were several kinds out in the backyard!  I guess they were enjoying a respite from the rainy weather we've had the last few days.  After that I went into my sewing room and finished up my curvy log cabin blocks.  I'll be putting that top together tomorrow!  Yay!

This evening I've been working on upgrading my husbands laptop to Windows 10.  I did mine last week and am happy with it, so decided to do his as well.  My poor mom and dad have have terrible trouble after their upgrade, so I hope his goes all right as well!

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