Friday, December 04, 2015

Microwave bowls, Compassion and Decorating

Super busy day today!  I got up this morning and got to work getting four microwave bowl holders made to give as door prizes at the Christmas Lunch our Church Ladies put on every year.  I found some cute Christmas fabric and got those started before making breakfast, then finished them up after.  I searched out a couple boxes to put them in and just have to wrap them up now.  They came out really cute, I used one fabric for each side so they can be reversible.

Then it was time for us to go help out at the Compassion Experience that our church is hosting this weekend.  It was a pretty neat event - we walked through it while we weren't busy and got to see how being sponsored changed two different children's lives.  It's really sobering to realize how many children (and adults) live in poverty in many countries.  We really live in abundance here in the United States, and though my husband and I are by no means rich, we have so much more than these families do.

After that I spent a few more hours decorating and preparing for the Ladies Lunch tomorrow.  I'm keeping it short tonight because I still have to make deviled eggs to take, and wrap my bowls.  Oh - if you haven't made any of these yet, you need to!  Here is the tutorial I used.  Super easy and fast.  They make great gifts, and you'll need one too.  Perfect for those hot bowls of soup.  Just don't microwave them for longer than a couple first!

Tomorrow is the Lunch, then sewing time!  Looking forward to some stitching to relax me after a busy couple of days.  (Guess I should start my Christmas decorating, too.  But definitely need to do some sewing!)

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