Sunday, December 06, 2015

Rainbow Swirls Top Finished!

Despite part of my afternoon being hijacked by an errand that went badly, I got the Rainbow Swirls top finished today!  I won't go into detail on the errand other than to remind you that you can't have reprints of photographs made at Wal-Mart unless you have taken them yourselves.  We ran into some copyright problems, and I totally understand, but my poor husband has to rework his project a bit to make it acceptable.

I was glad to retreat to my sewing room and work on sewing 64 blocks together into a quilt top.  Other than a little fussing to keep the colors random enough to suit me, this top went together like a dream.  First you sew them all in sets of 4 like this with the outer curve at the top and the inner curve at the bottom -

Then you sew those together into 4 sets of those units.  You can see the swirl now!

Then sew those four units together to make the center of the top

And you add the borders to finish it up!  Easy as pie!

After that I started working on sewing together the units from step 1 for this years Bonnie Hunter Mystery, Allietare.  I got 59 triangles done, and hope to finish step one tomorrow so I can get busy on step 2!  This coming week is a bit busy.  I have 4 curtain panels to make, 3 pair of pants to hem, 1 valance to adjust the width on, and an appointment to alter some blazers.  Not to mention that I have a Bunco party at my house on Friday and need to clean and decorate the house, shop for gifts and prepare lunch for 12 on Friday.  Oh well, life would be boring if it wasn't busy, right?

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Kelly Dee said...

I love, love, love the look of this quilt! What pattern did you use? I see a batik beauty in my future ;-)