Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working Wednesday

Worked my usual half day at Threads That Bind today - with a twist!  I worked in the afternoon instead of the morning.  There was a wool embroidery class that my boss wanted to participate in, so she had me change up from my regular hours.  So this morning, I did some sewing at home, hemmed a pair of pants, and repaired two swimming suits.  I cut out batting for the 6 cat quilts I am working on, and got the prizes for my giveaway ready to mail (congrats to Barbara and Judy, by the way!)  I also sold my red and black music quilt this week, so had to get that ready to mail as well.

When I got to work today, I had a pile of fabric to put away - then we talked about what needs to be done while Sharan is away at Quilt Market.  I have kits to cut, and a newsletter to work on, so I think I have enough to do for the weekend!  I checked in some new fabric - Hoffman Dream Blossom:

I am going to make a sample with the free pattern download.  The quilt is so pretty, and it looks really fast and easy to make!
I did a little computer research looking for a special needle case the teacher of today's workshop showed us.  They are Better Buddy bags by Namaste Inc.  We hope we will soon be able to carry these in the shop.  What a beautiful little luxery for taking your tools with you!  They also have a larger version, as well as other beautiful bags and cases! I think these would make wonderful gifts.

I got a call from the interior designer I work with and scheduled two sets of curtain panels for December.  I think I am pretty much booked up for the rest of the year at this point, so will probably not be taking on any more custom sewing until January.  I will fit in some alterations as I have time, but need to focus on finishing up the work I am already committed to.  I am getting better at prioritizing and protecting my schedule!  Plus I realize that I want to have some down time in December to send with my family.

After I got home, I hemmed a pair of jeans and wrapped it up for the night.  I plan on doing some quilting tomorrow since I work all day Friday and Saturday.  The next couple of evenings are booked, so I am enjoying a little computer time this evening while I can!

Thanks for reading along - I do enjoy sharing what I am doing, and am so glad you take the time to read my blog :)

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