Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doing Double Duty - Two Full Days at the Quilt Shop

While the boss is having fun and spending way too much money at Fall Quilt Market, I am manning the shop.  After two full days there, I am ready for a day at home sewing, let me tell you (yes, we know quilting is addictive because of the withdrawal symptoms when you don't get to!!!).

Not too much exciting things to note from working.  No new fabric arrived, but I did get some pictures of some of the new fabrics from earlier in the month.  One of my favorites is this line from Jason Yenter - Celestial!

We also got in some gorgeous roses on black:

We buy a lot of nice border strips like this to make the Easy Striped Table Runner pattern, which is definitely the number one selling pattern in the shop!

I worked on the shop newsletter, cut a bunch of fat quarters, waited on customers and tended to business in general.  I did spend some time on George and finished quilting a shop sample that another employee pieced.  I forget how nice of a machine it is and how easy it is to quilt with all that space.  We do rent George out in the shop for 15.00 an hour.  If you can quilt on your home machine, you can quilt on George easily!

I also used the shop machine (a Janome Gem gold) to sew the binding and realized how much I love my Juki!  The 1/4 inch foot makes it a breeze to sew bindings by machine, and there was a bit of struggling to get that 1/4 inch seam on the Gem.  It's a nice little machine, but I sure do prefer sewing on my Juki!

I didn't come home with any new projects, whew!  I have plenty pending, so need to get busy and sew up those samples and write some patterns - I'm a bit behind in that area for sure.  So, I will keep it short and sweet now and get busy - we are going to have a walk this morning, then it's off to the sewing room to do some piecing and quilting!

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