Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Reading:

Lately I've been doing more reading blogs than writing....bad me!  I guess you have to blame part of it on a super busy month - altering prom and wedding dresses has been a priority - and Quilt Market.  Oh, the fun of seeing all those blog posts about one of the big quilting events of the year, it just makes me obsessive with checking out all the beautiful pictures and posts about new fabric, patterns and notions.  I think it would be a lot of fun to attend a Quilt Market one of these days.  Maybe next time it is held in Portland...

I also like to read blog posts and news articles about trends in sewing and quilting.  This is one that I caught through my facebook feed and thought it was a really good read - The Rise of Mending.  I think this is a great trend and it is a value that I learned growing up.  I like the statement that sewing is empowering - I feel that so much whether I am creating something new like a quilt, altering a garment, or repairing something so it can be used longer.  It is very satisfying to me, and I enjoy passing that enjoyment on to others.

Mary Fons is another quilter/blogger I enjoy - I very much like her perspective as she blogs about her life and quilting.  She shared an awesome poem in this blog post about "The Song of the Shirt".  It is bit of a downer, but so real.  The power of words to move our emotions and make us feel deep emotions is amazing sometimes!  While in the aftermath of altering dozens of prom dresses plus a massive curtain project I can surely relate to the emotion in this piece.

I am also trying to read more books - I've had Les Miserables on my kindle for over a year now and have not been able to get past the beginning!  I recorded the movie on my DVR last week and after watching it 3 times this week have determined that I need to get through this book - what an amazing story.  I had the same problem with Tale of Two Cities, but it was totally worth working at, so I know this one will be as well.

And yes, there is finally quilting going on!  This is what I am working on today....(Yep, my UFO from March is finally getting fully finished!)  Sorry for the bad photo - camera battery is dead...

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