Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Even though my girls are all grown and I don't get those fun breakfasts served to me in bed anymore, I really enjoy this day.  It's a good day to be grateful for the wonderful mother that I have, and for the 5 lovely daughters I was privileged to raise.  And for my 4 grandchildren, too!  Then I start thinking of all the the awesome women I know who are mothers, and the men who do their share of "mothering" as well.  There are a lot of nurturing and caring people I know that really deserve a big "Thank You" for everything they do, so be sure and let them know!

I love my Mom so much - she really is a terrific person.  She is smart, funny, down-to-earth, capable, resourceful, and thrifty.  She taught me how to sew early on, and shared her sewing machine with me willingly (and my sister, too!) growing up.  I remember picking out fabric with her for projects and just having a good time creating.  One year we worked on Marching Band uniforms together - oh my, that was quite the project!  I don't think she ever once told me something was too difficult for me to sew, we just puzzled it out together.  

My girls didn't follow after me as much in the sewing department, but I am always thrilled when they do - this is a quilt Tracy is working on now for the daughter she and her husband are adopting:
After the top is sewn she is going to tie in between the colored triangles with black so they will be butterflies - super cute!  Who knows, maybe she will catch the quilting bug, too!  I'm glad she's having fun making it, and I'm sure it will be as special for her daughter as it is for her.  It's a good legacy to pass on.  I think that's what Mother's Day is about - recognizing the love and care that we are shown not only as children, but throughout our lives.  

Happy Mother's Day!

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