Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to Work

Whoosh.  That's the sound of the summer going by!  We had a wonderful vacation, now it's back to work for me, and the sewing is piling up like there's no tomorrow.  I was so happy to get all the alterations done before I left, now I'm back and another lot has plopped itself right in the middle of my sewing room.   I'd complain, but then again, I've got a daughter starting college in two months, so the extra income is quite welcome.  Even if I'd rather be quilting!

I have added a couple of new patterns to my Etsy Shop.  They are both samples I made for Threads That Bind - so far I've had a lot of positive comments on both projects.  The first one is Monkey Around.  This quilt actually started off looking very different than the finished version.  I really like this a lot, I like using two different sizes of the same block and playing with different combinations of colors.

The second new pattern is SpinFlower Strips.  This is an old idea that I unearthed and loved it the way it the way it was from the start.  My quilt pictures didn't come out so great, so here are the EQ7 illustrations.  This is really fast to make and there are two design options!  Great for using a panel, or for using with a pretty fabric that you don't want to cut into little pieces.

Instant download, so you can start working on your project right now with no waiting!

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