Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post - Grad Sewing

Hooray!  We made it through Graduation and life is slowly, but surely moving back to a little less of a frantic rush kind of a state.  Phew.
Last week I put togeth this top from a pile of blocks that I've been shuffling around my sewing room for ages.  Rather it was several piles of blocks.  I had a many 11 inch, some 11 1/2 inch, a few 12 inch and even some 12 1/2 blocks.  I decided that that instead of trying to make up enough of the different sizes to make four different quilts I would trim them all down to 11 inches and make one quilt right away. 

This week I quilted it up and added it to my Etsy shop!  My favorite part is the scrappy binding.  I have quite a large roll of it, so I guess I'd better work on more scrappy quilts. 

It's so nice to get back to quilting!

But it was also fun to hang out with all my girls and see the baby graduate from High School.  And I had such a good time I didn't even cry...it was a wonderful time and I could only rejoice at my blessings, my girls.  They are all special and I love seeing where they are going in life.
And I even remembered to get a picture with me in front of the camera instead of behind it!



Tracy Evelyn said...

I love the new quilt! Beautiful, I love that you think you found a pretty spot to look at and then another one jumps out at you!

Also, your new header is perfect for you :)


Ruth said...

I also think the new header is you, Pam, & I love the quilt!!!How didI end up with such talented kids? Love you. Mom