Friday, July 27, 2012

The Cat days of Summer

 We have a new member of our household - and he is quite the character.  We only had him for a couple days before we figured out the right name for him -

Oh, he may look sweet and innocent.  His sweet little head bumps, leg rubs and purring ways may totally mislead the average person, but once he has had his nap and is ready for action, he lives up to his name in spades.  This sweet looking little guy has totally destroyed my sewing room. My once halfway neat piles of projects are now scattered around on the floor, thread is draped everywhere and anything halfway sharp or dangerous has been stashed where it is not accessable to this little bundle of energy.

I have had to rearrange the storage shelves in the dining room because they made the bar accessable to this little tornado and he quickly found a comfy perch in the middle of my potted plot.  The little plant stick is a left-over from our ladies retreat.  It says forgive.  I really needed that.

"What's the big deal, Mom?  You really don't want me to lay in your plants?  Or get in the silverware drawer?  Or dump the garbage can over?  You really are no fun at all.  How about if I just climb up your leg, or try to bite your fingers while you are typing?"

Besides me, his favorite toy is a little furry mouse that he carries around the house.  He plays fetch with it, and growls when he gets it in a death hold!  Too funny!  All in all we are enjoying having a cat again, even though he is a lot of work.  It does make quilting a little hard, though!  I guess I'll just have to learn to sew during naps for now.

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Ruth said...

He is so darn cute, how can you not love him? He will probably outgrow this phase quickly, or not. haha