Monday, May 07, 2012

Dresses and Gowns = Not Much Quilting

One of the hats I wear is the "special seamstress" for my local alteration shop.  I help Liz with her overflow during busy times, and May is a super busy time in the alteration business!  Right now I have three Prom dresses and 3 Wedding Gowns in my studio waiting for a nip, tuck, hem and/or bustle.  What that means is not enough time for quilting...but it also means extra funds for little things like graduation, and traveling to track meets - so it's not a bad thing at all.

So, my to-do list for this week doesn't include too much quilting, but it does include a lot of time in the sewing room:

  1. Finish zipper and lining on tangerine gown.
  2. Take up shoulder and hem green gown - take in sides as well.
  3. Take in sides of eggplant gown.
  4. Ivory Gown - take up halter, bustle, finish hemming lining.
  5. Wedding Gown for June - take in back zipper and bustle.
  6. Wedding Gown for July - Take in back collar, hem and bustle (call with estimate)
  7. Make 6 blocks for Crazy Jane quilt!
  8. Photograph samples from Quilt shop.
Good thing I don't have to go to any track meets this week!  I hope having this list will help keep me accountable and help me get the work done.  It seems pretty doable written out, but looking at all those dress bags hanging in my sewing room makes me feel a little week in the knees!

Here's a block from last week - this was a fun one -

Now, off to the sewing room with me!

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Impera Magna said...

Bless you for helping out with alterations... I got talking into taking in a bridesmaid's dress in April.