Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mama Duck

Ever feel like you are being swept away in a strong tide without being able to get your feet planted on the ground?  That's a little bit like how my life feels these days.  Seems like it's one thing after another, and I'd really just like to stop the world for a couple minutes so I can think a bit and breath!  This weekend we traveled to the University my daughter will be attending this fall so she could try out for a coveted spot on their dance team.  After several nervous hours we got the news that she made it!  Of course this adds a whole new dimension of busy-ness, not to mention the responsibility of raising even more money to fund this venture.  But she has a big dream, and a lot of talent, so I guess we have to do what we can to see if we can help her to get there!

I don't know if I'm really ready for the next month, seeing my baby graduate from High School.  Dad and I are trying to convince ourselves that it will be wonderful having the house to ourselves, but I'm not sure it's working.  I find myself alternately feeling relieved that I'll only be packing lunches for a few more weeks, and tearing up at the thought of sending her off to college in the fall!  It's been seven years since her next oldest sister graduated and it's been a while since we experienced all these emotions - I know we will all survive, but it's not always easy to remember how we go about that. 

I'm so glad I have my sewing and quilting to occupy my mind when I get stressed out and emotionally over-loaded!  It's amazing how soothing it is to sit at my machine and methodically stitch stacks of squares and triangles into pretty quilt blocks.  I guess you have to really be a quilter to understand "quilt therapy" but I highly recommend it! 

Well, I have to work at the quilt shop today, finish one more prom gown, then I can get all the quilt therapy I can stand for the rest of the day.  Or not - there are bills to be paid, laundry to be done, and dinner to make.  Life does go on.  But I will find an hour or two to just sit and sew.  I need it!


Tracy Evelyn said...

I can't believe all that is happening with Shannon, I feel like all the sudden she sprouted up and she isnt a baby anymore! I'm so proud of her, and we are so lucky to have you as a mom :)

Anonymous said...

off topic but wanted you to know I just added a comment to your Craftsy project page - specifically the bird journal cover. Love all your works!

pchickki said...

Beautiful Daughter. Congratulations to her!! She deserves it with all the hard work she has done.

Sorry I have not contacted you in awhile. As you, I have just got caught up in life. I will try to get with you next month so you can get started on yet another project....our quilt.

Selvage Quilter said...

Great daughter pictures!! How beautiful. I agree with you about quilt therapy; it works.
Best wishes, Karen