Friday, May 04, 2012

Life is Busy...

I'm still here - just busy!  It's prom season and I have dresses coming in for taking in and hemming on a regular basis, plus just had a Ladies Retreat for our Women's Ministry at church (which was a huge success and tons of fun, too!).  Hopefully I'll get back to posting some quilty things soon -I have some more Crazy Jane blocks to photograph and lots of projects in the works.

You should see the awesome  bruise on my wrist from volleyball at the retreat!  (I don't think I've played since high school, and it was soo much fun)  Now we are on to finish up track season and heading for the High School graduation for my youngest.  It's pretty bittersweet for my Hubby and I.  We can't decide if we are going to be happy or sad for this big event.  A little of both, I think.

As much as I hate to leave this post with no pictures, I am going to do that this time - just wanted to check in quickly in case anyone was wondering what happened to me!

Off to work on some gowns now!

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