Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy Jane - Three blocks finished this week!

 I added two more blocks to the pile this week - for some reason they all ended up being from column 5!  These are F-5 and M-5.

 I chose M-5 because it was close to midnight and I wanted something simple to work on while I was waiting to have to go pick up my daughter from a rehearsal.  This is another one that I re-drafted to look more like the actual picture in the book.  I thought the star fabric was fun!

F-5 I chose because it was the next  applique block in the next row I want to finish!  I saw that I could have either chosen to applique the white on the blue background and work with little pieces or applique larger blue pieces on the white background.  I chose to work with the larger pieces and it came out really nice.  The final corner triangles were machine pieced on after I did the applique.

Tonight I am working on one of the side triangles.  (I picked 5, just to stay in the series!)  I am hoping to get one block done each day, so maybe I'll check in next week with 7 done - that would be half a row!

Ok Lee - lets see what you can do - I know you have tomorrow off!  (She told me she needs a kick in the rear, so I have to give her the business - you know that's how friends are!)

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