Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday at the Quilt Shop

Today I spent working at my local quilt shop. I checked in some new fabrics, worked on cutting kits and helped customers. I really love seeing the new fabrics that come in, but it's such a temptation. I always want to make something fun out of them, and right now have at least 4 shop samples on my table that I need to get finished! But I was really good today - I only brought home two fat quartes and a small remnant from the end of a bolt.

I already used the two fat quarters - I sandwiched and quilted them, and I cut the finished sandwich into pieces that I will use to make some checkbook covers, wallets and eyeglass cases for my etsy shop. I decided that I will allow myself to choose two fat quarters a week for this purpose. It's great practice for free-motion quilting.

Speaking of which, my machine seemed to be rattling tonight. I hope it was just the little door to the bobbin area not being closed right. Tomorrow I will give my machine a good oiling and cleaning and hope it sounds all right. I usually do all my own maintenace, which is why I choose machines that are fairly simple and don't have a lot of electronics. So far so good, but I have given this machine a lot of use, so I do realize that eventually I will probably need to have it looked at by a professional. I just hope it isn't soon!

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FabricFascination said...

I agree about the less electronics the better. It was an eye opener to me to find out that there is no one in the area who can work on my electronic machine and I have to drive hours to a place that can. I am enjoying the simplicity of my little Janome right now.