Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing with Batiks

Actually, you might call it working with batiks because this was a custom order quilt, but I think when it comes to batiks, it's all play! My client chose a lovely assortment of beautiful batiks and other fabrics to make into a queen size quilt. I had the fun of cutting and sewing them together into a beautiful large quilt.
I figured I needed 56 blocks to make the quilt, but I ended up making about 63 blocks, which was a good thing because the quilt back ended up being too narrow. I used the extra blocks to make a strip to put down the center of the back, which looked really great!
My client wanted a narrow border on the quilt to frame it. I think it looks great with the border. This was a really lovely project and was fun to work on. I think the hardest part of this quilt was setting all the blocks together - sometimes scrappy is much more challenging than a planned color scheme! First you turn the blocks this way and that, then you trade two blocks, then you have to trade two more. But it's a lot of fun, too!

I quilted this one with a nice fluffy batting. It was a little tricky to control the loft and keep it from puckering, but I got the job done. It was good practice because I have a quilt for me that I want to use a lofty batting on, too. Now I won't be so nervous about it.
The batting I used for this quilt was Soft and Crafty extra high loft. Thanks for the comment, I need to remember to be specific because often I don't remember what batting I have used unless I make note of it!

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Barbara J Childs said...

Beautiful quilt. When you say lofty batting, please tell us what kind.