Friday, January 02, 2009

Finished - Blue and Green Swap

I guess once in a while I actually need to follow my own advice! My thread breaking issues of last night were entirely solved by changing my needle. One of the first thing I advise quilters to change if they have an issue with thread. One of the things I advise doing when you start a new quilt. One of the things I did not do myself! Was that ever a waste of my time and energy - maybe next time I'll remember and just put in a new needle before I even start quilting!

I am thrilled with this quilt! It makes a bright and happy statement in my dining room, and I'm sure I will enjoy looking at it for a long time - it's just a happy quilt. I am feeling quite happy about getting this project finished, and am continuing my mission to whittle down my massive pile of projects. I started quilting my husband's quilt - the strip robin from earlier this summer. I'm stuck at the moment, it's a landscape quilt essentially and there are a lot of hills and mountains in the background and I am not sure how I want to quilt them. I did find a couple colors of thread that will work, but now I just have to get brave and start quilting. I'm sure I will be happy with how it turns out, but am just feeling a bit intimidated at the moment. Tomorrow is another day, and I plan to work on that before I let myself get distracted by any other projects!

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