Thursday, January 01, 2009

Which Thread Should I Use?

As usual, I was trying to get started quilting and was struggling with which thread to choose. Decisions, decisions, and since I am thrifty I often use a spool that may not be full. Too often at that point I get into the problem of needing more thread! This time my choice was between three threads. One was a partial spool, one was a large spool and the third was something I had chosen for another quilt, but I thought there might have been enough for this quilt also. Of course my favorite was the partial spool, but the large spool was very similar to it. I decided that I would start with the partial spool in the center and work my way out. That way, if I ran out I could finish with the similar spool and it would not be too noticable.
I did run out with the partial spool, but I think the other one is similar enough that it will not be very noticable at all. I have had issues with thread breaking though. I took off my throat plate and filed the needle hole a bit, but am still having issues. I have quit for the night, and will change to a fresh needle in the morning and carry on. I know that some threads have given me problems, but this is a brand that hasn't been an issue in the past. I like the quilting, so far. It's probably more than what I would ordinarily do for a quilt like this, but I haven't done much quilting lately, and am enjoying it (except for the thread issue, of course!)

I hope to do more fun quilting this year, I really enjoy the process, I love the creativity in the wonderful shapes and textures of the machine quilting. It's really quilte different from quilting by hand, which I enjoy also. Next up is the Strip Robin. I think that will be fun to quilt, lots of outlining and texturing with different threads.

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