Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Quilt for Asher

One of the fun things I've done lately is to make a sweet baby quilt for my grandson. Having no experience in making boys things, I am having a wonderful time looking at fabrics in a new way. The inspiration for this quilt was the tractor fabric. Definitely a boy fabric! The first fabric I chose to go with it was the mustardy yellow. I liked how it brought out the color in the tractors. Then I started looking at blacks, greys, and other greens.
One of my favorite fabrics in this quilt is the ruler/tape measure fabric. I had thought of this fabric in terms of being feminine because of my connotation of it being a sewing tool. That is, until the day a little boy in the quilt shop showed me another point of view! He thought of it as a tool like the ones in the hardware store, and he loved the numbers on it, showing off his ability to count. So, of course that one was included.

That got me going, so I found some rocks that were gray, a black and white check (racecars!), and some nice green trees. Then a beautiful bright orange with quilt blocks on it because after all this is from his quilt obsessed Grammy! One more nice green, and a quarter yard of fabric that looks like grass for the border and I had the top ready to go.

An adorable flannel with tigers on it in the perfect shade of gold makes an awesome back for this quilt. I put a poly battting in it, because I want this to be a drag around blanket, and machine quited it to make it nice and sturdy. I hope Asher enjoys his quilt as much as I enjoyed picturing him snuggling in it while sewing!

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