Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WITW - Week 8 - A sense of Discernment

There is no doubt in my mind that the reason I stumbled on this chapter is that there is not a whole lot in it that really applies to me. Even though I do enjoy making my quilts to sell and to compete, neither the money or the "fame" is a block to me. I still make what I love, I make things for my friends and family all the time. I thoroughly enjoy my quilting, and was pretty baffled by this whole chapter. Am I missing the point of it all? No sabateurs in my life, I have a lot of encouraging friends and my daughters are my biggest fan. My husband is pretty neutral most of the time, but I know he is proud of my work, and he doesn't discourage my making pretty things for fun or for profit.

Morning pages, doing those as well as ever. Really enjoy having the time to do some writing every day, it's always been an interest of mine and I relish the excuse for the scribbling!

Walking is another story. And it is pouring down this morning. Even the dog preferred crossing her legs and waiting to going out today! Hopefully will catch a half hour with clear skies today to take advantage of, but maybe I'll just bundle up and go out anyway. I really enjoyed the rainy walk I took for the first chapter with the sound of rushing water everywhere!

Artist Date: Still hard to work in to my week, and to think of something interesting and fun to do is not easy either. Not a lot of options here, and you wear them out quickly. I'll have to think outside of the box to come up with some stimulating and entertaining things to nourish myself with.

I am finishing up some languishing projects and made some progress on my sewing room yesterday. It's really nice to see some clear surfaces emerging. Still thinking of a way to arrange the room to be able to have both sewing machines and possibly the serger available without having to shuffle things around. I am thinking that some kind of a built in desk across one side of the room may be a solution. I only need a big area for the Juki, though as I use my serger more I may appreciate more space for that also.

Worked on this mixer cover last night, and I really like how it came out! My first new item on Etsy for quite a while, I hope to be adding new things more regularly now. Love this fabric, and it would look great with my orange counter tops wouldn't it? This project was inspired by my neighbor lady who wants me to make a toaster and mixer cover for her. But she wasn't very helpful with fabric selections. I will just have to pull something out and see if she likes it I suppose.

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