Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I started my reading for week 9 and really was impacted by the exploration of worry. Worry is one of my very bad habits - and I think she really does a good job of separating worry from fear. Fear has a base in reality. Worry is "what if". And I can get going on those "what if"s until I am totally consumed in an imaginary problem. I also thought the analogy of a racehorse was interesting, especially at this time in my life when we are getting McLaren ready to begin a hopefully successful racing career. I really was struck by the difference between myself and my husband in this regard - he is the dreamer, he has all the positive avenues figured out and that is where his imagination dwells. I am the worrier, I go down all the negative avenues! I'm hoping as I go through this chapter that I will be less inclined to worry about things, and more inclined down the positive path!

Here is a great positive: I finished up the pattern for my Rosie project last night. I had to force myself to do it and to finish it up, but it's done! I am excited to finish the basket pattern now, and maybe go on to some other ideas. It seems like I have so many, but it's hard to coral them and keep them in order and accessible when I need them. Really need to write them down in an organized manner so I can come back to them later.

Well, it's off to the quilt shop to work today. Hopefully it will be a good day and Sharan will like my new pattern. Tonight it's back to the baby quilt for Mrs. K.

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