Thursday, March 20, 2008

Journeying on with Dear Jane

I got my Dear Jane tote out today and finished a side triangle. This one was really tricky - I used a combination of hand piecing, paper piecing, machine piecing, and applique! I'm really glad I decided to do the side triangles as I do the blocks, it's a nice change of pace. I tried to organize all the stuff in my tote, but I don't know as I was very successful. I don't do organized very well!
Ideally I would like to use a different fabric for each block, but I have already duplicated a couple of fabrics. I go through my fabrics and think that I already used them, but when I check, I find that I haven't. I suppose if I was working at it more regularly I would remember better!
Tomorrow's adventure in sewing will be making a boat cover out of tyvek! It sounds like the guy I'm doing this for has a few more lined up for me also - we'll see how it goes. If it's an ordeal I won't do any more, but if it goes well I could be busy over the summer, there are lots of boats here on the coast!

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