Friday, December 07, 2007

My lucky night at quilt guild!

Last night was our Coos Sand & Sea Christmas Party. It was quite a lot of fun - pot luck, gift exchange and show and tell. One of the things our guild does is our raffle table. It started out as a way to pump some much needed cash into our show fund, but has continued as a fun and profitable tradition. Everyone brings stuff to donate that they no longer want: patterns magazines, books, fabric.... The wonderful ladies who are now in charge of our raffle table take all the donations from the current month, bring them home and package them up into attractive and organized bundles. Last night they were all beautifully gift wrapped for Christmas. I hardly ever buy raffle tickets, but last night I was in a charitable mood because I sold a book from my stash on, so I bought four tickets. My 13 year old came with me, so she gave me the two even numbered tickets and she kept the odd ones. Well both of my tickets were called, and one of hers! So I came out with a stack of goodies a foot high - lots of magazines, some old, and some from this year, a couple of books, and some lovely green and yellow fabrics for me, and my daughter is keeping her stack of blue fabric. I'm going to bundle up the magazines I already have to pass through my thursday afternoon sewing circle.

Totally changing the topic, but I sure hope the weather clears up this afternoon so the satellite guy can put up our hd dish. We've been washed out twice due to the weather. It is supposed to be sunny this afternoon, but I hear rain outside right now. Of course we always say if you don't like the weather here wait 5 minutes, it could be totally different!

My quilting mission today is to make some more pot holders! I've sold 4 of the coffee ones this week, and have a bunch more to make so I'd better get on it. I want to get at least 4 done this morning, but have to squeeze in a grocery store run also. I also plan on putting up a tutorial of how I've been making my fabric collage post cards. It's a lot of fun, and maybe someone else would be interested in how to make a whole batch at once (tried one at a time and quilting those little 4 x 6 squares is challenging - I need more room to maneuver!). Of course I need to clean up the studio first, all the flat surfaces are covered with stuff!

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Unknown said...

Great pot holders, the time spent on making one is worth it. Coming to raffle events, they are both fun and value for money.