Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How I make fabric collage postcards - part one:

Finally I get to get this going! I'm not finished yet, but here is part one - making the fabric collage. I think it's a lot of fun. For this set I am using leftovers from a strips and curves quilt I made. I saved all the bits and pieces because they are so pretty! First I find a piece of leftover batting that is about 19 x 21 inches. This size will make 15 postcards.

Then I start layering my scraps - I just lay them out however I think they look good!

I rearrange a lot as I sort through all of my bits. I like to limit the bigger pieces because I like each card to have some piecing in it. The strip pieces are nice because they are already pieced, so I can use the bigger pieces of those with no worries. I love the way the curves look in the postcards, so put in plenty of those, even freehand cutting them with my rotary cutter when needed.
After everything is arranged I pin the edges down, double checking to make sure all the batting is covered up.

I then pull out my pretty threads and pick something that goes with the quilt. I start stitching the raw edges down in no particular order, just picking different stitches, and changing threads every 3 or 4 seams. I lay my piece out flat every once in a while to make sure nothing has shifted position.

Now it's finished! Here is what the back looks like:

And this is the top:

Next step is the quilting, I'll talk about that tomorrow. I don't usually back my piece for postcards, but if you will be using this to make something that needs backing you can back it with something that enhances the top and pin baste it.

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