Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paper Piecing is Fun!

I've made great progress on the Hawaiin Star this week. I have all the lone star sections pieced and I'm halfway through the paper pieceing on the corner squares. The instructions for this pattern are terrific - and the fact that you actually only have to make 8 of each piece really makes it go by quickly without feeling tedious. I'm still loving it at this point and am thinking about how I want to quilt it!

I put the lone star sections on the floor to take a picture and the Miss Cat had to come and sit on the points to hold them down for me. Isn't that sweet of her? She is such a good helper, I don't know how in the world I would manage without her to sit on all of my projects! (Just kidding - she doesn't get to sit on all of my projects, just the ones she gets to before I catch her!)

Here it is with the corner sections laid out:

I'm hoping to finish the paper piecing on the corner squares by Thursday and start the curved piecing. With a lot of hard work I think I can get the border sections done next week, and hopefully spend the last week of May quilting it. Don't know how long Sharan will keep it at the shop, but when I get it back I plan on hanging it in my bedroom. I have learned so much about paper piecing, and actually even designing something for paper piecing, how to make it all go together logically.

1" Charm Squares

These are the 1" charm squared I did for the swap on Etsy. I had fun doing them, but the next set I am going to do a little bit differently. I want to do some with some machine work on them, and some piecing. These came out really cute, though. I especially like the ones with the fish beads on them, they are soo cute! They are one of those things that can take a lot of time if you really want to be elaborate, but you can do one fairly quickly if you keep it simple.

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Rose Marie said...

Wow, that star is awesome! Keep us posted on your progress.