Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching Up On Some Delayed Projects

Haven't done a whole lot of quiting in the past couple of days, but I have been working on some of those guilt producing projects that I should have finished long ago! The first one was just covering a little bench seat with a needlepoint piece. Easy as pie and didn't take really long, but it was a bit tough to make sure it ended up straight.

The second thing I call a McGuyver project. You know, you need some duct tape, paper clips, and voila! It's a fabric covered message board to put over an aged cork board glued to a wall above a desk. I used foam core board covered with batting and fabric. Then I criss-crossed that with brown grosgrain ribbon. I fastened the ribbon on the edges with straight pins, then reinforced that with hot glue on the back. (Which is also how I fastened the batting and fabric.) I also made 1/4 inch piping to go all the way around for a custom finish. I plan on installing it with double stick foam tape, and if that doesn't hold we'll tack it down and cover the tacks with fabric covered buttons. If I wasn't mounting it directly to the wall I would cover the back with fabric for a nice clean finish. It looks very elegant, doesn't it? You could do several of these and mount them as a decorative room accent, or even make one as a headboard for a bed. Fun and easy!

This is how the back looks.

The last but not least project was this valance. It is made in two pieces and mounted to the 6" board with velcro. Not really defficult, but it was time consuming to get all the little details right and have a nice professional look. I added boards to the sides to make sure the corners wrapped around like I wanted them to. Looks pretty nice. I need to make the drapery panels to finish this job off, but we need some more fabric for them as they are really wide sliding doors.

I want to get these other things done so I can work on some quilting and not feel guilty - I have a lot of ideas I want to try out, but can't do it with all these other things hanging over me!

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