Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Catching Up

I finally finished these pillows for Ann. She has been waiting for them for quite a while now, so she will really be glad to have them. She wanted them extra firm, so I covered the pillow forms with a layer of batting, and made the pillows an inch smaller than the forms. I made a ruffled cording for the edges, and really like the results.

I have a t-shirt quilt to work on next. I have all the t-shirts cut, just need to finish the fusing, then I can do the sewing. I'm sure it won't take me all that long once I get to it.

Meanwhile I have finished piecing the outer arcs for the squares and hope to do the curved piecing tomorrow to comeplete the corner squares. Then it's border time! I have to get some backing for it - there was a pretty greenish blue on sale at the shop that would work nicely I think, but I better get it quick before it's gone!

I've also started paper piecing blocks for the smaller version of Memories of the Titanic. I've taken the comments that the judge gave for it and have adjusted my design to reflect them. I don't want to make another full sized quilt, so I am making a smaller version (about 40"). I may make a miniature version eventually, just for the challenge of it, (can you tell that I am obsessive?). I have more projects than I will ever finish in my lifetime, but I am having a ball trying!

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