Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Next Big Project

There are times when it really pays to work in a quilt shop. My boss decided to carry the new Judy Niemeyer kit and pattern Hawaiian Star. And guess who she asked to volunteer to make the sample! I am so excited - this is one gorgeous quilt!

We got the kit in last week, so I have been industriously working at it. It took several days to cut out all the patterns (it's all foundation pieced!), and another two days to cut out the fabric. I took yesterday off to do some other sewing, but today I started on the sewing. I got the central star finished today -so pretty, as you can see!

I am trying to get the top finished by the end of May. If possible I would love to be able to get it quilted also, but realistically, I know that this is going to be a lot of hours worth of sewing. So far the instructions are fabulous - very easy to follow, and the newsprint it uses for foundations is great, it should be very easy to take off later (one of my dislikes about paper piecing).
I really love the fabrics - all Hoffman batiks. They are a little different from the ones in the original quilt, but I actually prefer them. They are a little more blue and pink, with the oranges and greens being not quite as obvious. All in all it will be a stunner when it's finished! What a privilege for me to be able to work on this project, I am really thankful.

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