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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Is It Really June Already?

I can hardly believe that May is gone and it's already June!  It didn't help that I caught a head cold and it kind of kicked the snot out of me...literally!  (Sorry for the bad pun, I just could not contain myself)  I am totally behind on everything right now, so need to do some catching up.

First of all, it's time to draw the winner for my Miniature Quilts Magazine giveaway!  Maryellen McCauliffe is the lucky lady - I'll e-mail for your address and get this magazine in the mail first thing tomorrow.  Maryellen is not only a fellow Quiltsy Team member on Etsy, but she also is the one that encouraged me to sign up as an Island Batik Ambassador.  She has had a rough few months so I'm sure this will brighten her day a bit.

I spent last week working on quilting this quilt top - a real scrappy and bright project with lots of crazy prints.  I used purple thread and added a purple binding because it's my clients favorite color!

This one was a bit of a challenge because the top was not very flat.  It is all hand pieced, and the blocks are supposed to be 18 inches, but you could tell there was a lot of easing going on as they were sewn together!  I quilted it with hearts and loops and am very pleased with the results.
The best part is that this won't be a top sitting in a drawer or on a shelf anymore.  It's a finished quilt, ready to be snuggled under, wrapped up in and loved!

I got an exciting message on instagram yesterday!  I am the winner of the #eq25 social media prize this month.  Don't forget to use the hashtag if you post a picture of a project - you could be a winner, too.  I'll be blogging more about that on the 10th of the month - I learned more about using the custom set tool and am excited to share about that.

Today I am doing some random sewing and thinking about what I would like to get done this month, so I'll save that for another post.  I've been continuing to work on my rag quilt project and have a big pile of sewn blocks, but lots more flannel to cut up!  There is a new Ambassador Challenge for Island Batik this month - modern quilts, so that will be fun.  I know what I am making, just have to get I think I will leave you there for now and continue on.  Have a wonderful day - go get some sewing done, too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week Three

I am so much enjoying this 52 week challenge, and feel pretty good to have actually finished something 3 weeks in a row - thanks, Kym!

I always say there is nothing like a little positive attention to get a person going, and the nice comments on my leftover triangle quilt really inspired me to go ahead and finish that up. After laying out all of my blocks and fussing over what was too close to what for a good while I just piled them all up and started to sew pairs. I knew I had an odd number of columns so I saved out 6 single blocks for that and just started sewing. If I didn't like two together, I just grabbed the next one and kept sewing. After I had the pairs done I sewed those into 4 patches. Then I started the laying out process once again and it was much easier - just six of the 4 patches, then the six singles, so a lot fewer choices to make!

After getting the blocks together and the border on it was tempting to just fold it up and put it in the drawer with all the other UFO's, but then I realized that this would be the perfect project to finish up for the 52 week challenge! Plus that, it gives me another frugal quilting topic for later this week - but you will have to wait for the details on that one :)

I decided to just do a meander all over this as the quilt is so busy that the quilting itself doesn't really show. I chose a dark blue thread, and in an afternoon had a finished quilt to show - pretty nice! One of my favorite things is that everything for this quilt came out of my stash - no running to the quilt shop for anything at all. I will be adding this beauty to my Etsy shop later today, think I will call it Waste Not, Want Not! Thanks for the encouragement to finish this up!

Yours in Scraps!


Monday, August 07, 2006

The quilt that didn't win a ribbon

This is the comforter I made in January to keep me warm at night! It didn't get any ribbons, but I just entered it for fun.

 I made this all from my stash. It amounts to about 20 light fat quarters and 20 dark fat quarters for the top. I even had the backing so the only purchase I had to make was for the batting.

 I used 2 layers of an extra loft poly to make it really warm and fluffy. It's tied with perle cotten at the corners of the blocks. When you enter a tied quilt they look to see if the ties are all tied in the same direction. Mine weren't! I also had the comment that the ties were too tight? I can't quite figure that one out, but I like the quilt and it's really cozy on cold winter nights, so it fulfills its purpose.