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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Organizing my quilting projects!

Busy time in my sewing room right now!  I've been hard at work this week making twin quilts of my Twinkle Star design!  It's pretty fast making two of the same thing at the same time - and you get double the satisfaction at the end of sewing all your blocks:
Those two extra blocks are the beginnings of my Blockheads II quilt.  I am sooo far behind with my blocks, but I swear I am going to catch up...I don't know when, but I will!

I also did some machine quilting this week and got my new sample done for Mountain Dawning!

Just as pretty in bright colors as it was in blues!

I did quilt this one differently.  I stipple quilted the white and did curved and straight line quilting in the rainbow section.
So pretty!  This one will be going to Threads That Bind as a shop sample along with one of the Twinkle Star quilts.  We have kits or fabric available for both quilts.

Progress is stalled on the Brothers and Sisters Quilt while I wait for the border fabric to arrive.  I also will be working on one of the blocks that isn't playing well with the rest.

I finished up the top for my November Island Batik Ambassador challenge!  I also have the back ready so can get that basted and ready for quilting, at least I am good with that deadline.  Are you interested in becoming an Island Batik Ambassador?  The 2019 Application was just published - I highly recommend the experience, and have already applied for another year.

Last, but not least is my "secret sewing"!  I have so many of these projects that I am working on right now that I had to come up with a way to organize everything so I can work effectively and keep things together.  I made a trip to the Dollar Tree to see what I could find to help me.  Though it's not the most gorgeous and photogenic solution I found some great bins in the perfect size.  I have all my printed material for these projects in plastic sleeves so that I can double check fabric requirements, make notes for changes to instructions, and keep track of my progress.  These four bins are to become completed quilts for the Island Batik 2019 Spring Summer Catalog.  I can't show you the fabric yet, but you know it is all beautiful!
Next week I will show you my project for the Fall/Winter catalog - it is so bright and beautiful!  It's a little strange working so far ahead on projects, but also fun.  It's almost like a surprise when the fabrics come out and you remember how gorgeous they were!

Back to the sewing machine, because as you can see, there is lots of stitching to be done here!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Secret Stitching

It's that time of year, lots of secret stitching going on for various projects, so I can't really show you what I am doing - but this little bit of hand embroidery is not a secret:

Love how relaxing it is to do a bit of handwork in the evenings.  I'm debating on whether to make all the flowers the same color or embroider them in different colors.  and there is a frame of running stitches that I haven't decided what color to do yet.  So I suppose I'll pull more floss this evening and decide. For this part I've used Aurifloss, I have a set of lovely colors in browns and tans (Biscotti) that was really nice for the lettering.  The leaves are done with a single strand of 28 wt thread from another set (Macaroon)  Both are wonderful for this kind of stitching - in fact I kind of prefer the 28 because it is has a lovely sheen to it.

This is the pattern I am working on - but these aren't the colors I am using ;)  It's going to be lovely!  This will be a pattern for more experienced quilters, so it's a bit of a switch for me.  I usually design more toward beginners, and for quick and easy projects.  Personally, I enjoy a challenge, so I hope there are more quilters out there looking for something that will give them a good workout of their quilting skills!

I have a stack of lovely flannels, so the Christmas PJ party will soon be in session!  They are going to be a lot of fun - I found some wonderful prints this year.  No peaking, girls - you will have to wait for Christmas time to see what you are getting.

Wait till you see tomorrow's block for the Quilter's Recipe Box!  I know I say this all the time, but this one is surely one of my very favorites.  It's perfect for this time of year!

With that I'll bid you a fond farewell for the day.  I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching, so take a few minutes to see some lovely hand stitching going on!

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